Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hello out there

I have these random thoughts now and then, which nobody probably cares about. But they're not exactly private, just of questionable interest to the world. So I thought, hey, everybody else and her sister has a blog, why not me?

So driving home today, I was thinking about what a great feeling it is when you have a routine that really works. I think this may be a feeling that is somewhat unique to massively perfectionist, type-A working mothers, but I'm not sure. What triggered it was that I had just checked the clock and realized it was 5:45 -- time to pick Caroline up from math -- went out to the car, started driving, remembered snack, ran back in, grabbed a juice pouch, beef jerky, and dried apples, and hopped back in the car. This feeling of well being swept over me -- this is how the post-math routine works; she will eat her snack, get home and be fed and ready to practice the cello for a few minutes before her lesson. Then I had it all organized so that I was in my exercise clothes when the cello teacher arrived, went for a run, came back and showered, and was ready to make her dinner after the lesson was over. Such an ordinary series of moments, but so elegantly choreographed, it could make me weep.

I decided to read the list of novels on wikipedia's ecofeminism page. Maybe I'll post some book reviews (or at least random thoughts on some of the books).

As Heather would say, "That was random." As I would reply, "That's the point."

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nic said...

I find that blogging is a great way to let those random thoughts out of my head. It formalizes them and then allows me to move on..to deconstruct my next random thought. And yeah its a great way to put ideologies out there- people get to know you better and you get to know their opinion. Happy blogging :D